Where to locate walleye

Know how to locate walleye
In order to catch trophy walleye, the most important tip is to know how to locate walleye. When you get to a lake, you must be able to map the water. You must understand the lake structure. First, you should locate all the fishing areas that can hold fish. Built a route to cover all the selected areas and always start fishing by trying to cover as much water as possible: trolling strategy! When you identify the potential fishing spots, keep in mind your preferred fishing style. I can't hide here that my strongest technique is: vertical jigging!

Study the lake map
One of my private strategy is to study the lake map several days prior to the fishing trips. If I'm planning to fish for walleye right at the beginning of the season, I will try locate any potential spawning area on the lake. From there, I will try to define the pattern followed by the female walleyes when they leave the spawning area towards they preferred summer areas. If you are reading my walleye blog, it's because you are connected to the internet.

Read walleye forums
I would also strongly recommend that you take the time to complete some reading on the most important
walleye forums on the web. When you get to the lake, stick to your strategy. You can collect information from the local anglers but believe me, stick to your strategy! The only locals that I will listen to are the ones that don't talk : the indian native! Here in Quebec, you will find them living by all major reservoirs up north. With a good pair of binoculars, you will be able to see them and to locate where they fish! Have I told you, stick to your initial strategy!

Have a look at the below picture, you will find the trace of a walleye fishing trip in a very specific area of the Cabonga reservoir in Northern Quebec. This trace was taken using Mapsource on my Garmin GPS ;)
Based on the trace, you can tell that this was a good sector for walleye fishing.

walleye fishing , cabonga reservoir, garmin trace

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