Walleye fishing Lure Storm Thin Fin

best walleye fishing lures

This is my #1 ever best walleye fishing lure. In my tackle box, I think I have more than 20 different Thin Fin. On my last day of walleye fishing last Fall, I've used the same Thin Fin all day and I caught more then 20 walleyes!

I can't believe that this walleye lure is now discontinued in the US. I can tell you that the Thin Fin is one of the most popular walleye angler lure in Quebec.

The Thin Fin is available in more then 13 colors but my favorite one is the orange.

best walleye fishing lure
You can use this walleye lure while casting but I find it to be me productive when walleye trolling. No need for a leader on the line, just attached the Thin Fin to a good quality swivel. By leaving about 100 feet of line while trolling, your Thin Fin will be diving at about 10 to 12 feet. The walleyes are below 15 feet, not a problem. Just attached a grip lead sinkers about 2 feet away from the Thin Fin.

best walleye lure:: Mike Richard 4 pounds walleye
Every serious walleye angler must have a least a thin fin.
best walleye lure thin fin Storm

best walleye lure storm thin fin

Best walleye lure Storm Thin Fin

Best walleye lure :: Storm Thin Fin


Freshwater Phil said...

Just got one this season myself, same color as yours. All I've managed on it so far is a small largemouth bass, most of the walleyes this season were caught trolling worm harnesses, except for my first one that I caught casting a wally diver, it was a beauty at 27 inches.

manyfish said...

orange with black stripes, rattler--dynamite; northern too. I have over 50 thin fins

coachbob said...

have you ever tried getting this lure deeper than 20 ft? We do a lot of river walleye fishing on the columbia and with worm harnesses we can go as deep as we need to. However, using crank baits we have to be cleavor and oftentimes attaching a weight screws up the action. River Walleye Fishing

Robert said...

I have one Thin fin silver and purple and I love it for small mouth bass and pike .But how can I get more of them . To round out the color slection . Are they avalaible out of the USA

Mike Walleye said...

Hi Robert,

I've been visiting fishing shops accross North America every time I was on a business trip and so far those Orange Thin Fin are only available in Canada. Can't find them at Bass Pro Shop. I've been sucessfull at getting some from Sail in the Montreal area. I was there last week and they got none in stock. As soon as I can find some, I will post it on my walleye fishing blog.


therealnojo said...

Although I am a jig and minnow guy I have used Thin Fins since the late 70's. Walley Divers and thin Fins are the only plugs I use. I have always done well with them trolling with rubber core sinkers in 15' of water. I fish exclusivly in NW Ontario Red Lake area. I also use them casting in very fast water in the spring with great success. I bought out the stock at Cabelas a few years ago when Storm was bought out by Rapala. I have also bought several on Ebay.

bfiest said...

There is a new crank coming out called the PK crank. It is somewhat similar but can be trolled at much greater depths. It can also be jigged vertically. It is the first all season crank. I witnessed 2 doubles on the first prototype run with these cranks. They are impressive. They will be written up in In fisherman this spring. You will be able to get them at Hotrig Tackles site.

Mike Walleye said...

Bfiest, are you talking about a new Salmo Crankbait? If so, send me some more information!


coachbob said...

Bfiest, You've peeked my interest can you send me more info as well?
Columbia River Walleye Fishing

Thinfin said...

I have a number of extra flourescent orange thinfins, and many other colors, if you would like to buy a few.

Mike Richard said...

For lure I would be interested. end me some more details!


Thinfin said...

I have 14 varieties, including the flourescent orange--I have two of those right now. They are all 2.5" long (the smaller of the two common sizes). I also have three of the gold bottom/orange top, which we have been very successful with in Ontario (Lakes Oba and Kaby).