Spearfishing: a form of fishing in which the fisherman attempts to impale the fish upon a spear, which can be thrust or thrown by hand, or with a spear gun.

This spearfishing video was recorded in the St-Lawrence River, Quebec. I fish for walleye in this river every summer and I'm very impressed with the quality of the water that we see in this spearfishing adventure. This is a nice walleye caught and the quality of this video is excellent.

spearfishing fishing underwater
Spearfishing has been popular around the world for centuries. Spearfishing today employs more modern equipment such as : elastic or pneumatic-powered spearguns. Some of the best free-diving spearfishers can hold their breath up to 4 minutes and dive as depths as 150 feet. The common dive for spearfishing is usually about 1 minute and 50 feet depth


mahmoud said...

can you please tell me where you go spearfishing? I normally go to valleyfield but I have been looking for new areas. please e-mail me at mahmoud.labib@gmail.com

mahmoud said...

hey can you please tell me where you go spearfishing? I just started spearfishing in valleyfield and it is great but I am looking at new areas
let me know please.

mahmoud said...

can u please tell me where you go fishing? thats a great video