Big walleye Lure - Berkley Hollow Belly

When looking at catching large size / trophy walleye, think big!

The Berkley PowerBaitHollow Belly swim bait has been a very successfull lure to catch trophy walleye. As if the PowerBait® scent and attractant weren't competitive advantage enough all by itself, this Hollow Belly bait is loaded with other features as well that has made it the "choice of champions" when conditions call for a super swim bait. First of all, unlike most other swim baits on the market, the body is truly hollow from nose to tail, and easily collapses around the hook when bit to insure a solid hookset. Its oversized paddle tail creates an unbelievable, natural swim bait action. With its realistic eyes, lifelike colors, and soft texture, the Hollow Belly truly mimics a live baitfish swimming in its natural environment. The Powerbait® Hollow Belly swim baits come packed with three baits, a wide gap hook, a treble hook, a bullet weight, a swivel, plastic tubing, and a split ring. 3/PACK

2009 :: My Trophy walleye 10.4 lbs

Here is my biggest walleye caught this summer. This is a 10.4 Lbs caught on an home-made worm harness at the Cabonga Reservoir, Quebec.

trophy walleye, monster walleye, cabonga reservoir
Cabonga Reservoir
This was not my first time fishing on the Cabonga reservoir. Over the years, I've mainly visited two of the main Lodges on this wonderful Quebec's reservoir: Cabonga Lake Lodge and the Dear Horn Lodge. The first one is located on the south part of the Cabonga reservoir and the next one is located at the north. I can confirm that they both provide good walleye and lake trout results. To give you an idea, the distance in between Montreal and the Cabonga Lake Lodge is about 222 miles.


What is so unique about this trophy walleye is the fact that is was caught on an home made worm harness. I've previously ordered from all products needed to prepare custom worm harness:

  1. Real Pro's Master Walleye Harness Kit and Systems, great beginner's kit (39.99$)
  2. Plastic Bag Clear to store my worm harness (100 for 1.99$)
  3. High Quality easy spin for the spoon (50 for 1.59$)
  4. Deluxe Crane Swivels (100 for 10.99$)
  5. Tapered Rig Floats mixed Colour Pak (50 for 13.99$)
The Walleye harness kit they provide has everything your need to customize your first walleye harness. You will even find on their website a guide about lure making. Great service and fast delivery!

walleye worm harness
Look for structures while fishing for walleye

I always been successfull at catching walleye (trophy walleye!) when I concantrated my fishing on lake and reservoir structure. This big 10.4 lbs walleye was not an exception. Look at the below snap shut of the sonar to see that we were fishing right were the current was struggling in between two bays. You have to be patient, before getting this nice walleye on the line, we must have caught over 50 small pearch while jigging! Pearch are considered as bait fish for the walleye, as far as I'm concern, we were fishing right into the best feeding area of the two bays.

I can,t wait to go back to the Cabonga Reservoir for another great wallleye fishing trip!